Piano Lessons for Adults

A lot of people approach me somewhat apologetically and say the following (or version of); “sorry, I have no knowledge of piano, can I still learn?”. The answer is YES and you don’t need to have any musical experience in order to start lessons.

Beginning anything new as an adult can be a little bit daunting. Particularly for those students who are proficient in their working life, it is an odd experience to suddenly know very little about a subject. Students often feel vulnerable and a bit frustrated, and sometimes it can bring up issues from childhood, especially if they had a bad experience learning piano in the past (slap happy nuns with rulers anyone?).

Learning the piano is as much about learning ‘how to learn’, being open to taking instructions and being patient with yourself, as it is about actually playing the piano. The idea that mistakes are normal can be difficult for some older students to accept, but just like eating your greens, it is all good for you in the end.

Adults however, have the distinct advantage of being highly motivated once they decide to be, and also find reading music much easier than children. It can be highly rewarding to achieve a dream that you have had for a long time. Having taught an 83 year old beginner, I can honestly say it is really never too late to learn or return to playing the piano!